Cycling Apparel

It's more than our sport. It's our culture.

It's about the roads we ride, Saturday morning meet ups, and long days on the bike. Biciamo was made because we love the folk art of cycling just as much as we love swooping descents and town line sprints. Biciamo was made because cycling is more than our sport—It's our culture. 

It's our art.

Le Tour's first wool jersey. The lure of the polka dots. The feeling of the fresh kit that matches head to toe. When your bike matches your shoes and your helmet just right.  Art comes in many shapes and sizes—let cycling be yours.

It's our passion.

After retiring from professionall cycling in 2009, I had this question of what to wear on the bike. I was designing cycling apparel for some of the biggest names in the industry, yet I felt the need to create something different. Something true to our affection for cycling: we love where we ride—we love who we ride with. Something that was less about the logos and more about the legends. Something that brings us together over our shared love of sport rather than breaking up the pack. Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned pro, I am proud to share my passion for all things cycling with you. 


-Martina Patella, Biciamo Founder and Designer